Rabbit RHDV vaccines are in!


Our stock of RHDV vaccines are here! Get your pet bun protected with the vaccine quickly!

Detected in Singapore in September, Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) has an extremely high fatality rate of between 90 and 100 per cent. It is transmitted readily between rabbits and even via clothing, shoes, equipment. Once infected, RHD can have an incubation period where rabbits do not show clinical signs for 1 to 5 days.

Clinical signs may include refusal to eat, lethargy, nervous signs, groans and cries, or respiratory signs such as breathing difficulties or discharge from the nose. Death may occur within 12 to 36 hours once clinical signs develop. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment available for RHD, hence only supportive care can be provided for infected rabbits.

The vaccine, FILAVAC VHD K, takes effect within a week, and is the only certain way to protect rabbits from this deadly disease. However the vaccine will not work if the rabbit is already infected with the RHD virus.

More information about the vaccination:

  • Vaccination is recommended for all rabbits above 10 weeks of age. 
  • Young rabbits can be vaccinated from 4 weeks of age onwards but would require a booster vaccine at 10 weeks of age to ensure immunity lasts for a year. 
  • Vaccination immunity occurs 7 days after vaccination. We strongly recommend you continue to follow preventative measure to protect your rabbit until at least 7 days post-vaccination.
  • Vaccination immunity lasts for 12 months and repeat vaccination annually is recommmended. 

Other preventative measures:

  • Keep your bunny indoor. Going out to breeding farms, pet shops, vet clinics, grooming/boarding facilities and pet gatherings will increase his/her risk of exposure.  
  • Keep the housing and environment of the rabbits clean, as the virus can spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, and via insects such as flies 
  • Get veterinary treatment/ attention if you observe your bun to be unwell. 

For safety, our vet and staff member will be dressed in isolation gowns and gloves during the vaccination. The protective equipment will be disposed after one use. We also urge rabbit owners to make the full payment for the vaccination prior to the appointment to minimise our time spent for the vaccination so as to reduce any risk of disease spread.

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