Snacks add up!


Dog calories 

You love your dog - and your dog LOVES treats! But feeding Fido 'human food' isn't always the greatest idea. We're not talking apple slices here...we're talking cookies, cheese and hot dogs. Take a look at how the calories can add up!

Snack (fed to a 20 lb. dog) / Human Caloric Equivalent

1 Small Cookie = 1 Hamburger
1 oz. Cheddar Cheese = 1½ Hamburgers
1 Hot Dog = 2½ Hamburgers

Remember: what seems like a little treat to you is like a whole meal to your dog!

Kitty calories

We're not saying to never, ever treat your baby, but talk to your veterinarian about the best way to reward your little hunter! Take a look at how common treats can pack on the pounds.

For example: Cheese - Just two slices can add around 125% to a small cat's daily caloric intake. For larger cats, it's about a 60% increase.

Tuna - A single can of tuna might add between 15% and 35% to your cat's daily caloric intake.

Whole Milk - Just ½ a cup can add almost 50% to a small cat's daily caloric intake, and almost 25% to a larger cat's.\

Fun Facts!

Pets are good for you!

We're talking about the importance of annual checkups for your pets. But did you know that living with a pet improves your health?

Bye-bye blues

Spending time with a pet can help you shake (or even avoid) depression. Unconditional love keeps people positive, and even looking at your pet increases the amount of Oxytocin, a 'feel good' chemical, in your brain.

Heart health

Just petting your dog or cat can lower your heart rate and blood pressure! And some studies have shown that pet owners have slightly lower cholesterol and are more likely to survive a heart attack.

Walk the block

People with dogs tend to get more exercise, and meet more neighbors, than folks without a furry friend. Exercise and social interaction are both great ways to reduce stress and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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