What is Fear-Free?


What is Fear-Free?

We are proud to have Fear Free Certified® Professionals on our team. Our practice is dedicated to caring for your pet's emotional and physical wellbeing. We'd like you to know how we meet that goal.

Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS) are common emotional responses experienced by pets when they enter a vet clinic. You may notice your dog panting, licking his lips, trembling, yawning, crouching in a corner; or your cat tucking his paws under his body, with widened eyes and dilated pupils, and ears folded back. These are signs of moderate stress.

Stress will reduce the ability for a vet/nurse to properly examine and treat your pet, and will also result in reduced immunity and hence slower recovery from illness/ injury. Because most pet owners hate to see their pets experiencing stress, pawrents may avoid bringing their pets in for wellness visits or early on before illnesses progress.

Like you, we love pets like family and want what is best for them. The Fear-free concept is developed by hundreds of experts in behaviour, medicine, and handling. Fear Free has become one of the single most transformative initiatives in the history of companion animal practice.

A Fear-free experience to and at the vet clinic is customised to each individual pet. Some pets will require measures in place (e.g. conditioning to carrier/ restraint device) even before the actual visit to our clinic. You may notice that our clinic has non-slip tiles, exam tables, warm lighting, soft music and professionals trained in the concept of Fear Free. These are some subtle differences in our clinic design that help to reduce stress and anxiety in your pets.

Please enquire with our staff if you would like to learn more about Fear-Free practices and stress-reduction programmes or techniques customised specially to cater to your furkid!

Before we can work to reduce FAS in your furkids, we need to be sensitive to the body language and signs they show on a spectrum of FAS!

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