Services & Pricelist

We provide services including but not limited to:

Housecall & Video Consultation

We provide home veterinary/nursing visits at the comfort of your own home.

Standard Consultation

We provide basic health checks and standard consultations for all animals, including exotics 


We provide consultation for skin issues and customised treatments

Vaccination and Preventative care

Including puppy/kitten care, pre-export health checks, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention.

Avian Consultation & Grooming

Including avian health checks, blood tests, nail trimming, beak trimming etc.

Microscopy and Diagnostics

Including full in-house blood laboratory tests, urine analysis, skin analysis, eye and ear examination, etc.


We house a sterile surgical theatre and perform routine surgeries as well as soft tissue surgeries.

Xray imaging and Ultrasound

Including in-house x-rays and ultrasound services 

Dental health and Dental xray

We offer dental imaging services which is an essential part of all dental procedures.

Hospitalisation care

We provide separate dog and cat hospitalisation wards to reduce species-specific anxiety. Overnight hospitalisation will be arranged if needed.

Happy pets, Happy visits, Happy owners

Bring your furkids to visit and receive lots of love and treats!

We will also use these visits to condition your furkids to be familiar with veterinary instruments and equipment. for a happy vet visit!

Fear-Free Approach

Tele-consultation will be offered before your furkids step into our clinic. Especially for those who have had a negative experience in another veterinary clinic


All prices excludes GST

Basic Consultation

15-30 Minutes


Canine Vaccination 9-in-1

Including consultation


Feline Vaccination 4-in-1

Including consultation


Kennel Cough Vaccination



Rabies Vaccination



Microchip implantation


Health Certification


Dental Scaling & Polishing

From $270

Dental Extraction 

Per tooth 

From $8

Canine Sterilization


From $320

Canine Sterilization


From $390

Feline Sterilization


From $170

Feline Sterilization


*On heat females will incur additional $50-$100 charges

From $240

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